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 SEO can be a lot like fad dieting.

There’s a lot of advice that promises fast results, but most of it doesn’t deliver.

Plus, many highly-touted SEO tactics just don’t work anymore.

If you’re using outdated practices it’s time to let them go.

You’ll also find that some new and cool trendy tactics don’t actually work for you.

Let’s focus on more actionable and proven SEO tactics.

The kind that will help you today.

1.Improve existing content with missing subtopics

Most first drafts aren’t perfect. You’ll almost certainly miss important points, which can hinder your page’s ability to rank in search engines.

So here’s what you can do:

Plug the URLs of the two or three top-ranking pages for your primary target keyword in  SERP watcher tool. Then plug your page’s URL at the bottom. Hit “Show keywords” and you’ll see the keywords that one or more of the top-ranking pages rank for, but you don’t.

Let’s do that for our post about structured data.

2.Start Building Your Expertise, Authority & Trust

If you’re a newcomer, it’s going to be hard to compete against a website that’s been around for 10 years.

There’s only one place to start: creating great content and pages that showcase your expertise (whether you’re an individual or a company).

That content should support your SEO and business goals.

3. Add internal link to new pages

Internal links are backlinks from one page on your website to another. They help visitors navigate from page to page, distribute ‘link authority’ throughout your site, and Google also uses their anchor text to understand context. 

The problem is that whenever you publish a new page, it’ll have few or no internal links. So if you want your page to stand the best chance of ranking, it makes sense to add some.

To find relevant opportunities, search Google for “keyword”.

4.Think SEO from the Start

When redesigning your website, bring in an SEO professional early in the process.

Design trends should be tailored to SEO best practices, especially for the mobile version of the site.

5.Monitor competing backlinks for underperforming content

If you’re not yet ranking number one for your target keyword, then it might be because competitors have more high-quality backlinks. You can get a sense of whether this is the case with  free SERP checker.

If the pages that outrank you have more websites linking to them (referring domains), that might be holding you back.

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