Electric charge and field note

In this section we will study about electric charge and field notes , conservation of electric charge, application of electric charge, defination for electric charge,unit of electric charge. 

Defination for Electric charge 

It is the fundamental characteristics of the elementary particle who explain the force of interaction between the particle and the interaction energy. 
  • There are two types of charge one is positive and another one is negative. 
  • When a body has excess or deficiency of electrons from the normal due to share is called charge body
  • A body is called positively charge if there is a deficiency of electrons from the normal. 
  • A body is called negativitly charge if there is a excess of electrons from normal. 
Example -
  • When a glass rod is rough with silk clothes the glass rod is positively charge and silk clothes are negatively charge. 
  • Application _
    Electric charge

Property of electric charge 

  1. Like charge repeal each other and unlike charge attract one another. 
  2. The charge are quantaized(means discrete or non continuous that is value like 1,2,3).
  3. Electric charge are scalar quantity. 
  4. The charge is conserved. 
  5. The magnitude of charge independent of the speed of body. 

Unit of electric charge 

Charge of electrons is 1.6*10'(-19).
Unit of electric charge 
       In SI system -columb 
       In CGS system -state columb or ab columb. 
Relation between the state columb and columb is 
1 columb =3*10 power 9 state columb 
Relation between the ab columb and columb is 
1columb =1/10 ab columb 
In one columb of electric charge the no of electrons is 6.25×10'(18)

Important notes 
1. Nomenclature of the nature of charge developed over glass rod or on ebonite rod is, simply, a convention. 
2. A body accure positive charge due to transfer of electrons from it. 

   Due to appearance of charge on the body due to any reason ,static electricity appear on that body . 

Application of static electricity 

1. Electrostatic spraying :
        painting irregular objects like cycle frame with a spray gun, generally, results in lot of wastage of paint. Static electricity provide us a useful technique to affect economy and better quality of paint. 
  As the paint leave the nozzle of spray gun, its particles become charged due to friction .Same charge on each drop results in the reputation between them. As result of this repulsion they form a mist. The frame to be painted is given the opposite type of charge. Due to electrostatic force of attraction, the paint drop get attracted to frame. 

2.Electrostatic precipitation :
        The phenomenon of static electricity help us to reduce air pollution due to industrial gas. As the gases containing dust particles rise through chimney, they passes through a positively charged grid. The dust particles get positively charged.
      The particle induce negative charge on an earth Metallica plate lining the chimney. The free positive induced charge goes to earth. Negativitly charged metallic plate attract positively charge particle towards it while the gas escape to atmosphere.  

Conservation of electric charge 

The total charge on an isolated system is remains constant.  
       The electric charge neihter be produced or nor destroy. 
This law has been found to be truth for all events as well as for those at at nuclear and atomic level. 
In other words there is no exception of this law. Like the law of conservation of energy, the law of conservation of charge is also universal law. 

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